Jesus Does - January 10, 2022

You think the moon affects the tides? It does.  But Christ runs the moon. You think the United States is a superpower? The United States has only the power Christ gives and nothing more. He has authority over everything. And he has had it forever.

Yet, Jesus was willing to forgo the privileges of divinity and enter humanity. He was born just as all babies are born. As an adult he was weary enough to sit down at a well and sleepy enough to doze off in a rocking boat. He became hungry in the wilderness and thirsty on the cross. The Word became flesh!

If you ever wonder if God understands you, he does. “Our high priest, Jesus, is able to understand our weaknesses” (Hebrews 4:15 NCV). If you ever wonder if the uncreated Creator can comprehend the challenges you face, he does.