Jesus is a Good Friend - December 4, 2019

I’ve always perceived the apostle John as a fellow who viewed life simply. Right is right. Wrong is wrong.  But I like John most for the way he loved Jesus.

Jesus was a good friend with a good heart and a good idea.  A “once-upon-a-time” storyteller with a “somewhere-over-the-rainbow” promise.  Jesus was above all a loyal companion.  Messiah?  Yes! Son of God?  Indeed!  But even more to his closest disciple, Jesus was a pal.  Jesus was a friend. Now what do you do with a friend?  You stick by him.  Maybe that’s why John is the only one of the twelve who was at the cross. He came to say good-bye.

After witnessing this simple love, aren’t we left with a burning desire to have one like it?  Aren’t we left wondering if we would like to have been the one to offer a smile of loyalty to our dear Lord? I sure hope so.