A Request Jesus Loves - December 31, 2018

Most of us had a hard time learning to tie our shoes!  Tightening shoes by wrapping strings together?  Nothing easy about that.  Who came up with the idea of shoes anyway?  My friend Roy used to sit on a park bench watching kids gather and play at the bus stop.  One day a little fellow struggled to board the bus—frantically trying to disentangle a knotted shoestring. He grew more anxious by the moment.  And all of a sudden it was too late.  The bus door closed.  With tear-filled eyes he looked at Roy on the bench and asked, “Do you untie knots?”

Jesus loves that request!  Life gets tangled.  People mess up.  We never outgrow the urge to look up and say, “Help!”  And when we do, look who shows up!  Jesus…our next door Savior.  Go ahead, ask him.  “Do you untie knots?”  “Yes!” He will say.

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