Jesus Understands - December 18, 2019

Who will love me?  I feel so old.  Unloved.  Unwanted.  Abandoned.  I just want to cry and sleep forever…  It’s a cry.  Can you hear it?  The divorced.  The abandoned child.  A one-night stand.  A silent phone.  Cries of loneliness.

The most gut-wrenching cry of loneliness in history didn’t come from a widow or a patient.  It came from a hill, from a cross, from a Messiah.  “My God, my God,” Jesus screamed.  “Why did you abandon me?” (Matthew 27:46).

I think of all the people who cast despairing eyes toward the dark heavens and cry, “Why?”  And I imagine Him listening.  I picture His eyes misting and a pierced hand brushing away a tear.  He may offer no answer, he may solve no dilemma.  But he who also was once alone—understands!