Jesus Wants Us to Be Happy - September 6, 2019

Jesus was accused of much, but he was never described as a grump, sourpuss, or self- centered jerk.  People didn’t groan when he appeared.  He called people by name.  He listened to their stories.  He answered their questions.  He visited their sick relatives and he helped their sick friends.  Jesus fished with fishermen and ate lunch with the little guy and spoke words of resounding affirmation.  He went to weddings.  He went to so many parties that he was criticized for hanging out with questionable people.

Thousands came to hear him teach.  Hundreds chose to follow him.  They walked away from careers to be with him.  His purpose statement read, “I came to give life with joy and abundance” (John 10:10).  Jesus was happy and wants us to be the same.