Just a Prayer - August 29, 2016

Late evening. Bedtime. The pillow beckons, but so does your guilty conscience.  An encounter with a coworker turned nasty earlier. Words were exchanged. Accusations made. Lines drawn in the sand. Names called. Tacky, tacky behavior. You bear some, if not most, of the blame.

The old version of you would have suppressed the argument. The quarrel would have festered into bitterness and poisoned another relationship. But now you know better. You’ve been bought with the blood of Christ and given grace. You can risk honesty with God. It’s time to confess to the One who died to forgive you. No special location required. No chant or candle needed. Just a prayer. The prayer will likely prompt an apology, and the apology will quite possibly preserve a friendship and protect a heart. You might even hang a sign on your office wall: “Grace happened here!”

From God is With You Every Day