Keep Rowing - April 6, 2023

Consider these phrases from Mathew’s gospel: Jesus made his disciples get into the boat, he went to pray, and the boat was buffeted by the winds.

Jesus wasn’t in the boat with his disciples because he had gone to the hills to pray. Jesus prayed – that’s remarkable. It’s even more remarkable that Jesus did not stop praying when his disciples were struggling. Why? Well two possible answers. Either he didn’t care, or he believed in prayer. I think you know the correct choice.

So while Jesus is praying and we are in the storm, what are we to do? Simple. We just do what the disciples did. We row. Much of life is spent rowing. Getting out of bed. Turning in assignments. Changing diapers. Paying bills. But don’t lay down the oars! He is too wise to forget you, too loving to hurt you. And when you can’t see him, trust him. He is praying a prayer that he himself will answer.