Lazarus and Judas - July 8, 2022

“Because of Lazarus many Jews were…believing in Jesus” (John 12:11 NCV).

If God has called you to be a Lazarus, then testify. Remind the rest of us that we, too, have neighbors who are lost. We, too, have died and been resurrected. Each of us has our place at the table – except one. There was one at Martha’s house who didn’t find his place. Though he had been near Jesus longer than any of the others, he was furthest away in his faith. His name was Judas. He was a thief.

In every church there are those like Judas who take and never give in return. There are Marthas who serve, there are Marys who worship, there are those like Lazarus who take time to testify. We need fewer like Judas and more like Martha, Mary, and Lazarus.