Let Your Heart Lead - November 9, 2022

Tears represent the heart, the spirit, and the soul of a person. To put a lock and key on your emotions is to bury part of your Christlikeness. Especially when you come to Calvary.

You can’t go to the cross with just your head and not your heart. It doesn’t work that way. Calvary is not a mental trip. It’s not an intellectual exercise. It’s not a divine calculation or a cold theological principle. It’s a heart-splitting hour of emotion.

Don’t walk away dry-eyed and unstirred. Don’t just straighten your tie and clear your throat. Don’t descend Calvary cool and collected. Please…pause. Look again. Those are nails in those hands. That’s God on that cross. And it’s us who put him there. No wonder they call him the Savior.