Let Your Life Illustrate Christ - August 21, 2019

Tucked away in the cedar chest of my memory is a Sunday school teacher in a small West Texas church.  She gave each of us a can of crayons and a sketch of Jesus torn from a coloring book.  We didn’t illustrate pictures of ourselves, we colored the Son of God.  We used what she gave us.  No blue crayon for the sky?  Make it purple.  If Jesus’ hair is red, the teacher won’t mind.  She taught us to paint Jesus with our own colors.

God made you to do likewise.  He made you unique so you could illustrate Christ.  Make a big deal out of him. Don’t waste years embellishing your own image.  Who needs to see your face?  Who doesn’t need to see God’s?  Besides, God promises no applause for self-promoters.  But great reward awaits God-promoters–  “Good work!  You did your job well.” (Matthew 25:23).