Let’s Talk About Jesus - March 9, 2020

Jesus:  J-E-S-U-S. Five letters.  Six hours.  One cross.  Three nails.  We live because of Jesus.  We Live because he lives; hope because he works; and matter because he matters.  To be saved by grace is to be saved by Jesus—not by an idea, doctrine, creed, or church membership, but by Jesus himself, our Redeemer who will sweep into heaven anyone who gives him the nod.

Timid Jesus?  Not on your life.  Timid Jesus happens only on Christmas and Easter.  The real Jesus claims every tick of the clock.  Timid Jesus winks at sin.  The real Jesus nukes it.  Timid Jesus is a lucky charm crucifix on a necklace.  Jesus is a tiger in your heart.  Do you know this Jesus?  Let’s talk about Jesus.