Look Who Shows Up - March 27, 2017

My friend Roy was sitting on a park bench one morning as he watched a little guy struggling to get on the school bus that stopped just a few feet away. He was leaning down frantically trying to “un-knot” a knotted shoestring. All of a sudden it was too late—the door was closing. The little boy fell back on his haunches and sighed. Then he saw Roy. Tears in his eyes he looked at the man on the bench and asked, “Do you untie knots?”

Jesus loves that request. Life gets tangled. People mess up. You never outgrow the urge to look up and say, “Help!” Jesus had a way of appearing at such moments. Peter’s empty boat. Nicodemus’s empty heart. Matthew with a friend issue. Look who shows up. Jesus, our next door Savior!  And we ask, “Do you untie knots?” His answer is “Yes!”

From Next Door Savior