More than Cheese and Crackers - February 9, 2021

Rest for the soul. Isn’t that what we need? The story is told about a poor man who lived in Eastern Europe in the early 1900s. He scraped together enough money to buy a third-class ticket on a steamship to New York City. He subsisted for the twelve-day journey on cheese and crackers. On the final day of the voyage, the man stood at the railing beside one of the ship’s stewards. “Why have we not seen you in the dining room?” asked the steward. The traveler explained his lack of money. The steward responded with shock, “Did you not know that three meals a day were included in your ticket? We set you a place every day, but you never came.”

God has set you a place at his table. Avail yourself of every spiritual strength and blessing. Heaven knows, we need the help. And heaven knows, the help is here.

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