We Never Travel Alone - July 7, 2016

Jesus loved people. He paid no heed to class or nationality, past sins or present accomplishments. The neediest and loneliest found a friend in Jesus.

. . .a woman described as scarcely clothed because of last night’s affair. Jesus defended her. (John 8:3)

. . .an unscrupulous tax collector, friendless because of misdealings. Jesus became his mentor. (Luke 19:2)

. . .a divorced woman drawing from the well in the heat of the day to avoid the stares of villagers. Jesus gave her his attention. (John 4:5)

Could a lying sham love this way? If Jesus’ intent was to trick people out of their money or worship, he did a pitifully poor job. He died utterly broke and virtually abandoned. What if Jesus really was, and is, the Son of God? If so, we can relish the wonderful truth that we never travel alone!

From God is With You Every Day