Next Door Savior - January 29, 2016

In the aftermath of 9/11, a group of religious leaders was invited to come to Washington and pray with President Bush. The group was well frocked and well known. You might wonder if I felt out of place. The only time I wear a robe is when I step out of the shower. When it came my turn to meet George W. Bush, I added, “And, Mr. President, I was raised in Andrews, Texas, a half-hour drive from your hometown.” He smiled that lopsided smile and let his accent drawl ever so slightly. “Why, I know your town. I’ve walked those streets. I’ve even played your golf course.”

It was nice to know the president knew my home.  How much nicer to know the same about God! Yes, he rules the universe. Yes, he has walked your streets. He’s still the next door Savior. Jesus—the One above all powers! Jesus–the One who knows your home? You bet he is!

From Next Door Savior