No More Curtain - April 8, 2022

On Calvary’s Hill Jesus cried out in a loud voice and died. Then the curtain in the Temple was torn into two pieces, from the top to the bottom. What did fifteen-hundred years of a curtain-draped Holy of Holies communicate?  Simple—God is holy!

God is holy, separate from us and unapproachable. Even Moses was told, “You cannot see my face because no one can see me and live” (Exodus 33:20). God is holy and we are sinners, and there’s a distance between us. But Jesus hasn’t left us with an unapproachable God. “There is one God and one mediator between God and men; the man, Jesus Christ” (1 Timothy 2:5).

When Jesus’ flesh was torn on the cross, the curtain was torn in two. With no hesitation we are welcome into God’s presence—any day, any time. The barrier of sin is down. No more curtain.