No One Compares - June 2, 2023

Psalm 89:6 asks the question, “Who among the sons of the mighty is like the Lord?” And the answer is: any pursuit of God’s counterpart is vain.

No one and nothing compares to him. No one advises him, no one helps him. You and I may have power, but God is power. Unlike the potter who takes something and reshapes it, God took nothing and created something. God created everything that exists by divine fiat. John said in Revelation, “You, God, created everything, and it is for your pleasure that they exist and were created” (Revelation 4:11).

Even God asks, “To whom will you compare me?” And, as if his question needed an answer, he gives one: “I am God—I alone. I am God. There is no one else like me” (Isaiah 46:9). We can only stand before him with humility and praise his glorious name. Bless you, Lord.

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