Not So Common - March 29, 2017

You lead a common life. Punctuated by occasional weddings, job transfers, bowling trophies, and graduations—a few highlights—but mainly it’s the day-to-day rhythm you share with the majority of humanity. Do commoners rate in heaven? Does God love common people?

God answers these questions in a most uncommon fashion. If the word common describes you, take heart—you are in fine company because it also describes Christ. When you list the places Christ lived, draw a circle around the common town named Nazareth. For thirty of his thirty-three years, Jesus lived a common life. Aside from that one incident in the temple at the age of twelve, we have no record of what he said or did for the first three decades he walked on this earth.

Next time you feel common, take heart! God uses the common to do uncommon things.

From Next Door Savior