Offering Grace - October 25, 2019

Forgiveness is the act of applying your undeserved mercy to your undeserved hurts.  You didn’t deserve to be hurt, but neither do you deserve to be forgiven.  Does it not make sense to give grace to others?  You’ve been immersed in forgiveness, submerged in grace.  Can you, standing as you are, shoulder-high in God’s ocean of grace, not fill a cup and offer the happiness of forgiveness to others?

In 2015 the world watched in horror as ISIS released its hatred on the streets of Paris.  Antoine Leiris lost his wife to their bullets.  But he didn’t lose his heart to hate.  He resolved to focus his energy on loving his son, not attacking his attackers.

Let’s do likewise.  Offer to others the grace you’ve been given.  It’s time to forgive, just as God, in Christ, forgave you.  This is how happiness happens.