Our God Is a Just God - November 17, 2021

Belshazzar became king of Babylon in 539 BC. In a fateful feast, he ordered the holy implements taken from the temple in Jerusalem be used as wine goblets. Why? The king wanted to blaspheme the God of Israel. His irreverence did not go unnoticed.

Out of the sleeve of the night, a mysterious hand came into view. The finger of the hand carved a message into the plaster.  Belshazzar trembled so much he collapsed. His astrologers and diviners could not interpret the message, so Daniel was summoned.

At the precise moment he was explaining the prophecy of the end of the king’s reign, the Medo-Persian armies were preparing to take the city. The takeover was fast. The mighty nation of Babylon collapsed; Belshazzar was killed. Our God is a just God.