Our Prayers Are Not Graded - November 20, 2019

Jesus downplayed the importance of words in prayers.  We tend to do the opposite.  The more words the better!  We emphasize the appropriate prayer language, the latest prayer trend, the holiest prayer terminology.  Against all this emphasis on syllables and rituals, Jesus says in Matthew 6:7, “Don’t ramble like heathens who talk a lot.”

There’s no panel of angelic judges with numbered cards.  “Wow, Lucado, that prayer was a ten.  God will certainly hear you!”  or… “Oh, Lucado, you scored a two this morning.  Go home and practice.”

Prayers aren’t graded according to style.  If prayer depends on how I pray, I’m sunk.  But if the power of prayer depends on the One who hears the prayer, then I have hope.