Our Values Are a Mess - December 17, 2019

Have you noticed?  We say you’re valuable if you’re pretty.  We say you’re valuable if you produce.  If you can slam-dunk a basketball or snag a pop fly.  Appearance and performance. Pretty tough system, isn’t it?  Where does that leave the ugly or uneducated?  The aged or the disabled?  The unborn child?  Please understand, this is man’s system.  It’s not God’s.

If there was anything Jesus wanted everyone to understand it was this– a person is worth something simply because he is a person.  That’s why Jesus treated people like He did.  Jesus’ love doesn’t depend on what we do for him.  Your value is inborn.  Period.  I know I don’t deserve a love like that.  None of us do.  When you get right down to it, any contribution we make is pretty puny.  No wonder they call Him the Savior!