Our Vision Matters to Jesus - November 3, 2020

“Then he said, ‘Lord, I believe!’ And he worshiped Him” (John 9:38). The story begins with a blind man seen by Christ, and it ends with a was-blind man worshiping Christ. Is this not the desire of Jesus for us all? Apart from Christ we are blind. We cannot see our purpose, we cannot see the future, we cannot see Jesus. But he sees us, from head to foot.

If God tested your spiritual vision, would you pass it? Can you see the meaning of life? Have you caught a vision for eternity? Most of all, can you see God’s great love for you? The hand you sense on your face is his. The voice you hear is his. Our vision matters to Jesus, and He will do whatever it takes to help us see how to see. Remember, my friend, you are never alone.