A Passion for the Forgotten - August 1, 2023

A day late and a dollar short. One brick short of a load. You pick the phrase – the result is the same. Get told enough times that only the rotten fruit gets left in the bin, and you begin to believe it. You begin to believe you’re too little, too late.

God has a peculiar passion for the forgotten. Have you noticed? See his hand on the skin of the leper? See the face of the prostitute cupped in Jesus’ hands? See him with his arm around little Zacchaeus? God wants us to get the message: what society puts out, God puts in. What the world writes off, God picks up. Why did he pick you? He wanted to. After all, you are his. And he made you. No matter how long you’ve waited or how much time you’ve wasted, you are his. And he has a place for you.