Paul, a Hero - July 28, 2022

Paul was a Christian-killer before he was a Christian leader. In Romans 7:25 (NCV) he wrote: “I thank God for saving me through Jesus Christ our Lord!”

One day Paul was preaching; the next he was in prison. Look at him in prison – what you see shuffling around the jail cell isn’t too much. But what I lean over and tell you is: “That man, that very man, will shape the course of history. Within two hundred years his thoughts will influence the teaching of every school on this continent. Those letters scribbled on parchment? They’ll be read in thousands of languages and impact every major creed and constitution of the future. Every major figure will read them.”

You know, we seldom see history in the making. We seldom recognize heroes. Which is just as well, for if we knew either we might mess up both.