Peace Happens When We Pray - May 30, 2024

Worry happens when we keep our problems to ourselves or present our problems to the puny deities of money, muscle, or humankind. The act of prayer moves us from a spirit of concern to a spirit of gratitude. Even before our prayers are answered, our hearts begin to change. So take these steps:

  • First, take your worries to God. Set aside some time each day to pour out your concerns, complaints, fears and woes to him. Don’t suppress; express! Take everything to God and then…leave it with him.
  • Find a promise to match your problem. Spend time in the promises and stories of Scripture. Find a promise that fits your problem, and build your prayers around it.
  • Pray specifically. Generic prayers aren’t nearly as effective as heartfelt prayers that target particular needs.

Peace happens when we pray.