Peripety - November 25, 2021

If you need a synonym for plot twist, try peripety. It’s a literary device that describes a redirected story line. It’s that moment in the book that causes you to stay up past your bedtime because you can’t believe what just happened. The Red Sea was uncrossable one minute and a pathway the next. Goliath defied Israel for forty days, but then David loaded a peripety in his sling and let it fly.

In God’s hands no script is predictable, no story line is inevitable, no outcome is certain. He is ever a turn of the page from a turn-on-a-dime turnaround. Look in the Bethlehem barn. Who saw this coming? Or better asked, who saw him coming? He held the universe in one moment and squeezed Mary’s pinkie the next. He is the God of grand reversals.