Prayer is All You Need - September 30, 2019

We have the opportunity to offer heartfelt prayers for every person we see.  The attendant at the grocery store.  The nurse in the doctor’s office.  You don’t have to tell them of your intercessory prayer.

When we seek to bless others through prayer, we are blessed.  Studies draw causal links between prayer and faith and health and happiness. The act of praying for others has a boomerang effect. It allows us to shift the burden we carry for others to the shoulders of God.  Don’t grow angry at the church’s condition.  Pray for her.  Don’t fret about the future of your family, pray for them. Assume the posture of prayer.

Is there a crisis in your world?  Are you called to give hope where hope cannot be found?  Is prayer all that you have?  That’s okay.  Prayer is all you need.  And this is how happiness happens.