Pure Grace - October 31, 2023

Each review of Jacob’s story leaves me amazed at his seeming inability to shape up, clean up, and stand up for everything decent and moral. He tricked and was tricked. His name was changed, but his heart seemed less so. Why couldn’t God replace him with someone more polished, more refined?

Yet, on the other hand, I’m so grateful God didn’t. I’ve wrestled with God, daring to think my might and muscles would impress him. I can be smarmy, wormy, and less than straightforward. I identify with Jacob – I limp.

Jacob’s story exists for the times that the Jacob within us wonders, “Can God use a person like me?” The reassuring and resounding answer is “Yes.”

Pure grace. Grace is God’s greatest idea. That he would treat us according to his heart and not ours. Amazing grace!