Put Into Practice - March 20, 2017

A not-so-bright fellow saw a sign in a travel agency window: Cruise–$100 cash. He walked in and when the fellow at the desk asked for the money, the not-so-bright guy started counting it out. When he got to one hundred, he was whacked on the head. He woke up in a barrel floating down a river. Another not-so-bright guy floated past and said, “Say, do they serve lunch on this cruise?” The first not-so-bright guy answered, “They didn’t last year!” It’s one thing not to know. It’s another to know and not learn.

Paul urged his readers: “Put into practice what you have learned and received and heard and seen in me” (Philippians 4:9 RSV).  

If you want to be just like Jesus—spend time listening for him in his word until you have received your lesson for the day.  Then apply it!

From Just Like Jesus