The Real Deal - February 7, 2024

Susie’s most treasured possession was a string of fake pearls given to her by her father. As he put her to bed one evening, he asked this question: “Do you love me?” “Yes, Daddy. I love you more than anything.” He paused. “More than the pearls? Would you give me your pearls?” “Oh Daddy,” she replied. “I couldn’t do that. I love my pearls.”

But the next day she went to see him. “Daddy, I love you more than these. Here you take them.” He said, “I brought you a gift from my trip.” She opened the small flat box and gasped. Pearls! Genuine pearls.

You suppose your Father wants to give you some as well? He offers authentic love. His devotion is the real deal. He will give you the genuine when you surrender the imitation.