Real World God - August 28, 2023

God calls us in a real world. He doesn’t communicate by performing tricks. He’s not a genie, a magician, or a good luck charm or the man upstairs. He is the Creator of the universe who is right here in the thick of our day-to-day world. And God speaks in our world. We just have to learn to hear him. Listen for him amidst the ordinary.

Need affirmation of his care? Let the daily sunrise proclaim his loyalty. Could you use an example of his power? Spend an evening reading how your body works. Wondering if his Word is reliable? Make a list of the fulfilled prophecies in the Bible and promises in your life.

Don’t they say only two things in life are certain: death and taxes? Knowing God, he may speak through something as common as the second to give you the answer for the first.