Receive the Courtesy of Christ - February 15, 2016

My wife has a heart for single moms. She loves to include them at the table when we go to a restaurant. Through the years I’ve noticed a common appreciation from them. They love it when I pull out their chair. More than once they’ve specifically thanked me. One mom in particular comes to mind. “My,” she said, brushing the sudden moisture from her eye, “it’s been a while since anyone did that.”

Has it been a while for you as well? People can be so rude. We snatch parking places. We forget names. Could you use some courtesy? Has it been a while since someone pulled out your chair? Then let Jesus! Don’t hurry through this thought. Receive the courtesy of Christ. He’s your groom. Let Christ do what he longs to do. For as you receive his love, you’ll find it easier to give yours away!

From A Love Worth Giving