Relief Will Come - October 7, 2021

When all seems lost, it’s not. When evil seems to own the day, God still has the final say. He has a Joseph for every famine, he has a David for every Goliath, he always has his person. He had someone in the story of Esther, and in your story he has you. Relief will come, my friend. Will you be a part of it?

The world gets messy, for sure. But God’s solutions come through people of courage. People like Mordecai, people like Esther, people like you. People who dare to believe that they, by God’s grace, were made to face a moment like this. In God’s plan confusion and crisis give way to conquest. Winters do not last forever, and springtime is only a turn of the calendar away. For all we know God’s hand is about to turn the page.