Remember Who Holds You - January 30, 2020

Frightening thing, this pride. Doesn’t it sneak up on us?  We begin spiritual journeys as small people. The act of conversion is a humbling one.  We confess sins, beg for mercy, bend our knees.  We come to God humbly. No swagger, no boasts. And God works. He works the miracle of salvation. He immerses us in mercy. He stitches together our shredded souls. He deposits his Spirit in our hearts and implants heavenly gifts. Our big God blesses our small faith.

Gradually our big God changes us. People notice the difference. They applaud. They admire us. And kudos become ladder rungs, and we begin to elevate ourselves. We forget. We forget who brought us here. Take time to remember. “Look at what you were when God called you” (1 Corinthians 1:26 NCV).  Remember who held you in the beginning. And remember who holds you today.