Remind God of His Promises - April 30, 2020

I remember sitting in high school Algebra class staring at my textbook as if it were written in Mandarin Chinese.  Fortunately I had a patient teacher.  He issued the invitation and stuck to it: “If you cannot solve a problem, come to me and I will help you.”  I wore a trail between his desk and mine.  I would remind him, “Remember how you promised you would help?”  I still had the problem, mind you, but I entrusted the problem to one who knew how to solve it.

The Old Testament prophet Isaiah said, “Put the Lord in remembrance of His promises, keep not silence” (Isaiah 62:6).  God invites you—yes, commands you—to remind him of his promises.  Find a promise that fits your problem, and build your prayer around it!  These prayers of faith touch the heart of God and miracles are set in motion!