Run Your Own Race - November 20, 2015

A little boy named Adam wanted to be like his friend Bobby.  Adam loved the way Bobby walked and talked. Bobby wanted to be like Charlie. Something about Charlie’s stride intrigued him. Charlie on the other hand, was impressed with Danny. Charlie wanted to look and sound like Danny. Danny, of all things, had a hero as well. He wanted to be just like Adam. So Adam was imitating Bobby, who was imitating Charlie, who was imitating Danny, who was imitating Adam. Turns out, all Adam had to do was be himself.

Stay in your own lane. Run your own race. Nothing good happens when you compare and compete. God’s yardstick for measuring faithfulness is how faithful you are with your own gifts. You are not responsible for the nature of your gift. But you are responsible for how you use it!

From Glory Days