Set Your Mind on a Holy Cause - February 6, 2017

If your problems are great, then your cause is too small. When your cause is great, your problems begin to shrink. Do you have a holy cause? A faith worth preserving? A mission worth living for? Ask God to give you a cause to claim to his glory: an orphanage to serve…a neighbor to encourage…a class to teach. It really is better to give than to receive.

Want to see your troubles evaporate? Help others with theirs. You’ll always face troubles, but you don’t have to face them in the same way. Instead, immerse your mind in God thoughts. Turn a deaf ear to doubters and set your mind on a holy cause. Once you find your mountain, no giant will stop you; no age will disqualify you; and no problems will defeat you.

From God is With You Every Day
God is with You