Shortcuts - September 5, 2023

The scripture uses the word sin, but isn’t sin a shortcut? Can we agree that sin, at its root, is the unwillingness to wait? To trust? To follow God’s plan?

In the well-known Old Testament story Esau came home from hunting. He had an empty belly. He smelled the pot of red beans that Jacob was stirring. The right of the firstborn was protected by law, but the firstborn son could forfeit or sell it. And that’s what Esau did. The birthright was an intangible object; the beans were right in front of him. So he agreed to the swap. He took a shortcut.

And Jacob? Rebekah knew the older would serve the younger. Surely she’d told him. Did God’s plan need Jacob’s nudge? Of course not. But Rebekah and Jacob took a shortcut. They paid a price for doing so, and so do we.