Simple Oil Changes - October 26, 2016

When I was 15 years old, I inherited a Rambler station wagon from my big brother. It wasn’t much to look at—but it was mine! “You have to keep gas in the tank,” my Dad advised. “I know,” I quickly replied. “Can you change the oil and keep the car washed?” he asked. “Of course I can,” I lied.

My ineptness surfaced the following Saturday. “You want me to help you?” Dad asked. Nah! I spent an hour looking for the oil pan; another wrestling with the plug. But I finally finished and Dad was waiting for me. “All done?” he asked. “All done,” I answered. “Then what is that?” he asked as he pointed to a stream of oil running down the driveway. I’d forgotten to replace the plug. My dad said, “Son, what is hard for you is simple to me. Let me help you. I’m a mechanic. And, besides, I’m your dad.”

Here’s what I think! Our toughest challenges are simple oil changes to God!

From God is With You Every Day