Simplified Faith - August 23, 2023

How do you simplify your faith? How do you get rid of the clutter? How do you discover a joy worth waking up to? Simple: get rid of the middleman.

There are some who suggest the only way to God is through them. There’s the great teacher who has the final word on Bible teaching. There’s the father who must bless your acts. There’s the spiritual master who’ll tell you what God wants you to do. Jesus’ message for complicated religion is to remove these middlemen.

He’s not saying you don’t need teachers, elders, or counselors. He is saying, however, that we are all brothers and sisters with equal access to the Father. Seek God for yourself. No elaborate channels of command or levels of access. You have a Bible? You can study. You have a heart? You can pray. You have a mind? You can think.