Sometimes God Takes His Time - May 5, 2020

Sometimes God takes His time.  One-hundred and twenty years to prepare Noah for the flood. Eighty years to prepare Moses for his work.  God called young David to be king, but returned him to the sheep pasture.  He called Paul to be an apostle and then isolated him in Arabia for fourteen years.

How long will God take with you?  His history is redeemed, not in minutes, but in lifetimes.  We fear the depression will never lift, the yelling will never stop, the pain will never leave.  Will this sky ever brighten?  This load ever lighten?

Life in the pit stinks.  Yet for all its rottenness, doesn’t it do this much?  Doesn’t it force us to look upward?  The Bible promises, at the right time, in God’s hands, intended evil becomes eventual good.  You will get through this!