Sovereign Over Storms - January 10, 2023

Let’s climb into the boat with the disciples on the storm-tossed sea. Look at their rain-splattered faces. What do you see? Fear, for sure. Doubt? Absolutely. You may even hear a question shouted over the wind. “Anyone know where Jesus is?” The answer is clear and surprising: praying. Jesus became the answer to his own prayer.

The followers panicked. Peter’s faith became fear, but Jesus still walked on water. The winds howled, but Jesus was not distracted from his mission. He stayed on course until his point was made: he is sovereign over all storms. The disciples, for the first time in Scripture, worshipped him. “Truly you are the Son of God,” they said (Matthew 14:33). With a stilled boat as their altar and beating hearts as their liturgy, they worshipped Jesus. May you and I do the same.