Speak to the King of Heaven - November 8, 2021

Are you, like Esther, facing an impossible challenge? Then imitate the queen. Esther could have remained hidden, she could have done nothing. Or she could have rushed into the presence of King Xerxes, but instead she chose prayer.

And you? This is the time for a no-nonsense, honest, face-on-the-floor talk with the Lord of all. Garments need not be ripped, but veneer must be removed. Fasting is optional, but the prayer of genuine humility is not.

What challenge are you facing? Is your job in jeopardy? Is your loved one in hospice? Is your faith in tatters? Retreat into your prayer closet. The queen could enter the throne room of Xerxes because she had spent time in the throne room of God. The same is true in your story and mine. Once we’ve spoken to the king of heaven, we are ready to face any king on earth.