Stand Up and Stand Out - October 25, 2021

Can we talk honestly for a moment? You are weary, wounded, and worried. Weary of the struggle, wounded from the battle, worried that this winter will never cease. You feel far from home. Someone cut the ropes to the dock and set you adrift. This world can be a cruddy place – no one disagrees with that. Tough times can also be the petri dish for bad decisions. So I urge you, don’t make matters worse by caving in.

Living as a person of faith in a faithless world requires courage and acts of resistance. Chances are high that you’ll be tempted to compromise your beliefs or to remain silent in the face of injustice and evil. Tests are coming your way, instances in which our true allegiance is revealed. Everyone else gives in. May God give you the courage to stand up and stand out.