Start with Jesus - April 21, 2020

We can calmly take our concerns to God because he is as near as our next breath!  This was the reassuring message from the miracle of the bread and the fish.  In an event crafted to speak to the anxious heart, Jesus told his disciples to do the impossible: feed five thousand people.

Now you aren’t facing five thousand hungry bellies, but you are facing a deadline in two days, a loved one in need of a cure.  On one hand you have a problem.  On the other you have a limited quantity of wisdom, patience, or time.  Typically you’d get anxious.  You’d tell God, “You’ve given me too much to handle.”  This time, instead of focusing on what you don’t have, start with Jesus. Start with his wealth, his resources, and his strength.  Before you lash out in fear, look up in faith.  Turn to your Heavenly Father for help.