Stay in His Shadow - August 3, 2016

On the night before the crucifixion, Peter kept his distance from Jesus. I’ll stay close enough to see him, Peter reasoned, but not too close, or I may get caught. Good thinking, Peter. Don’t get too involved—it might hurt. Don’t show too much concern—they’ll crucify you too.

That’s the kind of man God needs, yessir. One who knows how to keep his distance. “Now, I’ll pay my dues and I’ll come once a week but. . .well. . .you can get carried away, you know.” Yes, you can get carried away. . .up a hill. . .to a cross—and killed!

Peter learned a hard lesson that day. It’s better to have never followed Jesus than to have followed him and denied him! You won’t die for a man you can’t touch…period. But stay near to him, in his shadow…you’ll die with him, gladly!

From God is With You Every Day