Temple Builders and Savior Seekers - May 23, 2019

The next time you enter an assembly of worship, watch the people. You can tell the ones who remember the slain one.  They’re wide-eyed and expectant.  They don’t yawn while receiving a gift from the king himself!

You can also tell the ones who see only the temple.  Their eyes wander.  Their mouths open—not to sing, but to yawn.  The temple gazers don’t mean to be bored.  But the one they once planned to honor hasn’t been seen in a while.  But those who have seen him can’t forget him.  They find him, often in spite of the temple rather than because of it.

The temple builders and the Savior seekers.  One sees the structure and says, “What a great church.”  The other sees the Savior and says, “What a great Christ!”

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