Tenderhearted, Forgiving One Another - October 24, 2019

The question is not, Did you get hurt?  The question is, Are you going to let the hurt harden you?  Wouldn’t you prefer to be “tenderhearted, forgiving one another”?

Try these steps.

Decide what you need to forgive.  Be specific.  Narrow it down to the identifiable offense.

Ask yourself why it hurts.  Why does this offense sting?  What about it leaves you wounded?

Take it to Jesus.  Talk to Jesus about the offense until the anger subsides.  And when it returns, talk to Jesus again.

Tell your offender.  If it feels safe, simply explain the offense and the way it makes you feel.

Pray for your offender.  You cannot force reconciliation, but you can offer intercession.

Conduct a funeral.  Bury the offense in the cemetery known as “Moving On with Life.”

This is how happiness happens.