The Body of Christ - January 14, 2020

None of us can do what all of us can do.  Remember Jesus’ commission to his disciples?  You (speaking to all of you collectively) will be my witnesses (Acts 1:8).  Jesus didn’t issue individual assignments.  He works in community.

“Jesus is the head of the body, which is the church” (Colossians 1:18).  I am not his body; you are not his body.  We—together—are his body.  But this body has been known to misbehave.  The brain discounts the heart.  Academics discount worshippers.  The hands criticize the knees. People of action criticize people of prayer.  It is a clear case of mutiny on the body.  We cannot say, “I have no need of you.”  Cooperation is more than a good idea; it is a command.  Unity matters to God.  May it matter to us.